19th Annual California Avenue Trick or Treat and Blossom Halloween Carnival!!!!!

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This weekend, my son, Sam, and I, got to attend the BEST HALLOWEEN PARTY ever! The 19th Annual California Avenue Trick or Treat and Blossom Halloween Carnival was crazy fun. Thousands of kids and their parents came to trick or treat along California Avenue and enjoy a beautiful fall morning.

We set up a table and handed out more than 1,000 pieces of candy, and still ran out by 12:30…and the event went on until 2 p.m! Next year, I’m bringing twice as much candy for all of the adorable kids. Sam came dressed as the Wildcat King. I just wore my respectable mom clothes, but the little kids came up as all sorts of wonderful things. Here’s just a few of the memorable ones: Edward Scissorhands (she was maybe 3, but totally goth); Peter Pan; Ironman (lots of Ironmen); Pirates: Princesses; and, for some reason, many toddlers wore adorable tiny lion costumes. There was also one or two chickens.

Parents were invited to throw their names and email addresses into my hat for a chance to win a copy of my first book, The Mom’s Guide to Wills and Estate Planning. The lucky winner gets his mailed out first thing tomorrow morning. A few other moms and dads took my cards, realizing that estate planning has been on their to-do lists for a few years.

My heartfelt thanks to Blossom Birth for organizing the party. I can’t wait till next year.