Announcing my new E-Book on Estate Planning for Digital Assets

digital_assets_estate_planningI’m thrilled to announce the release of my first in a series of e-books on estate planning that are designed to provide you with practical answers to real-life questions. This one is on Estate Planning for Digital Assets, and you can download it for free from my website.

This e-book is for anyone who has digital assets (email, photos, a blog, a Facebook page, Google Docs , and so on) and wants to learn about the best way to provide, or deny, access to these assets as part of a comprehensive estate plan.

It turns out that the traditional model of estate planning, which is to appoint someone to act for you after death, just doesn’t translate well to the digital realm, where terms of service contracts and federal law require an individual to provide consent before anyone else can access their digital assets.

For now, the best thing that you can do to make sure that your loved ones can (or, in some cases can’t) access your digital assets is to use the tools provided by some service providers, appoint a digital Executor, Trustee, and Agent in your estate planning documents, and leave behind a list of passwords and log on credentials with your important papers.

To read more, download the E-book here.