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California Passes New Law Allowing Executors and Trustees Access to Digital Assets
As of January 1, 2017, California has a new law (The Revised Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act) that allows executors and trustees to gain disclosure of a person’s digital assets after the original user’s death under certain conditions. This is a good thing because, until…
Announcing my new E-Book on Estate Planning for Digital Assets
I’m thrilled to announce the release of my first in a series of e-books on estate planning that are designed to provide you with practical answers to real-life questions. This one is on Estate Planning for Digital Assets, and you can download it for free from my website. This e-book…
Google Lets You Manage Your Digital Assets After Death
Google now allows users to determine what happens to their photos, emails, and documents when their account goes inactive. Users can set when their account should be considered inactive, what happens to the data at that point, and who should be notified by using  Google’s Interactive…
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