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New Parents Need Basic Estate Planning
New parents face so many new challenges–from figuring out how car seats work to figuring out how babies work. I remember taking a deep breath as we opened the door of the hospital, loaded our daughter into the car (including several annoying moments in the parking lot trying to gently…
Naming Young Kids as Beneficiaries (Don’t)
One of the things that I love about my job is helping people with real-world, actual, legal issues. And one that comes up often is parents, or grandparents, asking me how to name their young children, or grandchildren, as beneficiaries for their retirement accounts, life insurance, or…
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19th Annual California Avenue Trick or Treat and Blossom Halloween Carnival!!!!!
This weekend, my son, Sam, and I, got to attend the BEST HALLOWEEN PARTY ever! The 19th Annual California Avenue Trick or Treat and Blossom Halloween Carnival was crazy fun. Thousands of kids and their parents came to trick or treat along California Avenue and enjoy a beautiful fall…
Going on Vacation? Leave a Parental Medical Release Form for your Caretakers
It’s summer time! I’m off for a two week vacation, and taking the kids (for better or worse). But, if you are planning to go away and leave the kids behind (because you are smarter than I am), please remember to leave a Parental Medical Release Form behind as well. You’ve…
Naming Guardians for Young Children
So many parents know they need to do an estate plan, but just avoid doing it. Often, what keeps them stuck is figuring out who to name as a guardian. But, here’s the thing, if you don’t name one, and a minor child is left without living parents, a judge is going to appoint…
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