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Buy Low: Sell High. Pay Capital Gains Taxes.
Many of my clients come to me with a very Californian problem: they bought their home many years ago for a fraction of what that home is worth today. For example, their mid-century house near downtown cost them $125,000 in 1973 and could be sold for $3.2 million next weekend. While…
How to Give Your Kids Money Now That They Can’t Use Until Later
Recently, a client of mine asked me how to set up a trust to hold gifts to their children that those children wouldn’t be able to use for about twenty more years. This can be done by use of what’s called a “Crummey” Trust (named after the attorney who invented the…
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Charitable Remainder Trusts: A Great Way to Give to Charity
If you are considering making a gift to charity in your estate plan, own assets that have appreciated significantly, and would like to get a current income tax deduction, please talk to us about establishing a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT). A CRT doesn’t have to be complicated to…
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