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Life/Death/Law with Liza Hanks - Extreme Measures: Dr. Jessica Zitter

In this episode of Life/Death/Law, Dr. Jessica Zitter, author of Extreme Measures: Finding a Better Path to the End of Life, talks openly and honestly about how to communicate with your doctors about what you or a loved one wants, and doesn't want, for end of life care; how to pick the right person to act as your health care agent and make medical decisions for you; and what palliative care can offer those facing chronic illness. But more than that, she is a compassionate and articulate voice for changing the way that people die in this country and the role that the medical profession can play in improving end of life care. I loved talking to her and I think you'll love listening.

She is Harvard and UCSF-trained to practice the unusual combination of Critical and Palliative Care medicine.  She works as an Attending Physician at a public hospital in Oakland, California.

She is a regular contributor to The New York Times and her articles have appeared in The AtlanticTime Magazine, Journal of the American Medical Association, The Washington Post and many other publications.

Dr. Zitter’s work is featured in the Academy and Emmy-nominated short documentary “Extremis,” available on Netflix. Her media appearances include CBS Sunday MorningNPR’s Fresh Air with Terry GrossThe DoctorsThe Leonard Lopate Show, and a Dr. Oz special, “The Death Show.”

If you've ever been frustrated with a doctor that doesn't listen to you and wondered how to talk to them effectively, or worried about who to name as your health care agent, or are interested in finding out more about palliative care, please listen to this episode.

To learn more about Dr. Zitter, please go to her website., www.jessicazitter.com.

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