Going on Vacation? Leave a Parental Medical Release Form for your Caretakers

london metroIt’s summer time! I’m off for a two week vacation, and taking the kids (for better or worse). But, if you are planning to go away and leave the kids behind (because you are smarter than I am), please remember to leave a Parental Medical Release Form behind as well. You’ve signed a milion of these for school field trips, but it’s easy to forget this item on your endless pre-vacation to-do list.

However, you, as parents, have legal authority to authorize medical and dental care under California law, and may authorize, in writing, an adult into whose care you’ve placed a minor, to consent to medical or dental care, or both. Without such consent, a doctor cannot treat a minor, which explains why you’ve signed so many school field trip forms.

Please click on the link above to get a Parental Medical Release From. Print it out and put it on your fridge. And have a nice trip.