How to Change Your Name After Marriage or Divorce


It happens. People get married, People get divorced. Names change. And our clients sometimes ask us what they need to do to get their legal names changed on their driver’s license and social security card after one or the other transition.

Here’s the answer. 

1.  You need to change your name first with the Social Security AdministrationSocial Security will ask to see an ORIGINAL or CERTIFIED copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree. If you need to order a copy of these documents, you’ll need to request them from the state or country recorder where the event took place.  Here’s a link to a list of these offices.

2. Once you get a new Social Security card, you then go to the DMV and complete an application for an original driver’s license or identification card (DL 44).  The DMV verifies your new name with the Social Security Administration. The DMV will also want you to provide them with an ORIGINAL or CERTIFIED copy of your marriage or divorce documents and pay the application fee.