The “F” Word (Faith)-Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel


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In this episode of Life/Death/Law Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, author of The Power of an Open Question and The Logic of Faith, joins me for a wonderful conversation on finding grace in a world we can't control.

A longtime buddhist practitioner and worldwide teacher, she brings humor, insight and compassion to the issues we all face as human beings: how to find faith and live with grace in a life that is short and full of challenge?

 “As long as you are breathing and your heart is pumping in your chest, you will never escape the need ‘to faith,’ and why would you want to? The human predicament literally pushes at you day after day, calling to your courage and intelligence, imploring you to pay attention to life as it is, urging you to let go into humbleness. How long can you ignore it?”

If you've ever found yourself overwhelmed or powerless in the face of old age, sickness and death (and who hasn't?) listen to what Elizabeth has to say about finding grace in the most ordinary truths of our human lives.

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